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“This e-book has taken thousands of hours to write and to publish. We include stories and examples of what has happened as we started out in the Swinging lifestyle.”

Swing in Style | The Adult Swing Lifestyle Guide Book

adult lifestyle clubs

If you have ever considered being a swinger and being involved in the swinging lifestyle but feel intimidated and don’t know what to expect, you’ve come to the right place.

The Swingers Guidebook will show you how to meet the right couples and/or singles, help you talk your spouse into swinging and tell you where to find beautiful, fun singles and couples that already are swingers.

For people interested in the swinging lifestyle, the Swingers Guidebook is the perfect solution to have all of your questions answered in the privacy of your home with your significant other. This means you can now both read this book, discuss it and then know what to expect. This book will answer your questions and guide you step by step through a swinger lifestyle and help you choose and meet the right people.

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If you are a couple, meet attractive & fun couples and singles just like you. This guide also identifies swinger ads, swinger clubs, swinger resorts and swinger toys.

If you are single, there are many couples that are always looking for a third. Let the Swingers Guidebook show you how couples and singles can get in touch with you.

Our Story

Hi, this is Leigh and Keith we were a couple interested in putting a zing in our sex life.

We were a loving, trusting and respectful couple in a great relationship with each other, the swinging idea came up and we had never swung together so we wanted to learn about the swinging lifestyle from someone else.

We did not know where to go or how to start and knowing where to meet them. Once we met them, we did not know all the rules and what to expect when we went to parties. So at first, it was difficult and frustrating.

Once we got into the “swing” of things, it got easier and more enjoyable. If we would have had this guidebook, we would have enjoyed the swinging lifestyle a lot sooner without the trial and error.

For more than 10 years, Leigh and I have been in the swinging lifestyle, WE ARE SWINGERS WHO HAD THESE SAME QUESTIONS WHEN WE STARTED. We just wish we had a book to get some of our questions answered to start.

This book contains information, stories and answers questions about the swinging lifestyle. This book will help couples of singles understand and navigate the swinger’s lifestyle.

Use this Swingers Guidebook to help you:

  • Know where to meet swingers
  • Get into the swinger lifestyle as a Single
  • Finding Swinger Clubs/Resorts
  • Get invited to a Swinger party
  • Confidentiality
  • Meet other singles and couples just like you

The Swingers Guidebook has even more to offer.

This e-book takes the leg work out of getting to know the swinging lifestyle. You will know how to meet people, where to meet other couples and singles who are interested in the swinging lifestyle. There are singles and couples right in your town that are having fun in the swinging lifestyle. This e-book tells you where to start and what to look for when you are out at restaurants, bars and even the mall.

This e-book has taken 1000s of hours to write and to publish. We include stories and examples of what has happened as we started out in the Swinging lifestyle. Each person in the swinging lifestyle is looking for something different and has certain rules. This e-book breaks down what certain abbreviations mean and makes sure you are understand what others may be looking for.

Client Success Stories

“My wife and I are both THRILLED with this Swingers guidebook! We now can read this book in the privacy of our home and we now know what to expect as we are interested in getting into the Swinging lifestyle.

Thank you Leigh and Keith. We not only have a new bunch of friends but we now also have a more honest, trusting and sensual marriage. Our sex life couldn’t be better.”

~ Bob & Kathy Stratton – NY


“I wouldn’t have EXPECTED the swinging lifestyle to be this fun with so many great people. As a single man, I didn’t know where to start. YOUR EBOOK ANSWERED ALOT OF MY QUESTIONS and I recently met two couples and a single female that I am going to a party next week with. I can’t believe it! Your book made me aware and how to handle myself. I feel relaxed and am having so much fun. I can’t say enough good things about this book. Thanks.

~ Joseph Godey – Los Angeles

How Do I Convince My Spouse/Significant Other to
Swing and become a Swinging Couple?

What Are You and Your Partner Looking For in order
to become a potential swinging couple?

Is Your Relationship Ready For potentially becoming a swinging couple?

Is Your Relationship Secure Enough to swing?

Addressing Relationship Concerns Before and During Swinging

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate as a Swinging Couple

Questions for You Both to Answer Before Swinging

How Secure Are You Both Personally in the Non Swinging Lifestyle?

Establishing Ground Rules Before Swinging

What about AIDS in a swinging lifestyle?
Confidentiality in a Swinging Lifestyle

Personal Hygiene in a Swinging Lifestyle
Choices – Types of Swinging
Taking Baby Steps to a Swinging Lifestyle
How to Find swinging Partners
What Happens At a Swing Club

Other Testimonies

” I just wanted to say a BIG Thank You for this E-book! It is the most informative I have ever seen. And I have looked everywhere, read everything, and tried it all! Thank you! “

~ John – NY

“It’s great to see that we can find this information in one place. It makes all the difference.

~ Troy and Laurie – MA

“Your e-book is very thorough and has helped my husband and I very much. We now have a better Understanding of the Swinging lifestyle and it has helped us meet other compatible couples.”

~ Rob & Michelle – CT

adult lifestyle clubs

Get all of your questions answered about the
Swinging Lifestyle and start meeting
other swingers with the Swingers Guidebook.

swingers party
swingers party

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